The Japan Construction Information Center (JACIC) and the Service Center of Port Engineering (SCOPE) has established the "Electronic Bidding Core System Development Consortium" for supporting smooth introduction of the electronic bidding system to public purchasers, such as local government agencies, from July 2001. Through the Consortium, activities specifications and provision conditions of the core system for Electronic Bidding System with high flexibility are discussed based on the needs of public purchasers and know-how of the IT vendors. Based on this specification, JACIC and SCOPE modify the Electronic Bidding System, which was released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism free of charge in November 2001, to develop the core system for wide range of users.

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Consortium Members

#1 Full Members

These include companies that have the ability to develop an electronic bidding system using the core system and the motivation to develop them for public purchasers. They applied to the public invitation by JACIC and SCOPE, then passed the examination.

#2 Supporting Members

These include companies and so forth, that need information related to the development of the electronic bidding core system and applied to the public invitation by JACIC and SCOPE.

#3 Special Members

These include public works purchasers such as central government, public corporations, as well as prefectures and local governments that are interested in introducing an electronic bidding system and applied to the public invitation by JACIC and SCOPE.

Full Members of Consortium

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