The CALS/EC Qualification System is to support the introduction of CALS/EC at local government agencies, personnel training and information dissemination for its diffusion/promotion. The Japan Construction Information Center (JACIC) certifies the qualification as an interim measure.

The CALS/EC Qualification has the following 2 classes:
Registered CALS/EC Instructor (RCI)
Registered CALS/EC Expert (RCE)

One must be qualified as a "Registered CALS/EC Instructor" for a certain period of time or have enough career/experience to be qualified as a "Registered CALS/EC Expert".

Qualified personnel offer advice on CALS/EC diffusion/promotion to small and mid-size enterprises or organizations as well as local government agencies who are experiencing difficulty in conducting workshops or training by themselves. Major roles for each qualification are shown below:

Registered CALS/EC Instructor: Instruction at seminars or workshops
Registered CALS/EC Expert: Support of introduction as well as instruction

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